William Safire is a man of many careers: reporter, public relations man, politician, historian, novelist, lexicographer, columnist.

As a reporter, he worked on a column in The New York Herald Tribune and later served as a correspondent for New York radio and television stations.

As a PR man, he built a firm serving dozens of corporate and financial clients.

As a politician, he worked on the first Eisenhower Presidential campaign and later became a senior speech writer in the Nixon White House. He escaped from there in time to do a stint as an historian writing, Before The Fall, a history of the pre-Watergate White House.

As a lexicographer, he is author of, Safire's New Political Dictionary, a half-million-word study of the words that have inspired and inflamed the electorate.

As a novelist, he wrote Full Disclosure, a best-seller about a President under fire. His latest novel is Sleeper SPY.

As a political columnist, he began his twice - weekly column twenty years ago in The New York Times, writing from the point of view of a libertarian conservative. He is a winner of the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished commentary, and is now a member of the Pulitzer Board.

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