Pat Williams is the Senior Executive Vice President,Orlando Magic/RDV Sports,the National Baskerball Association (NBA) franchise in Orlando, Florida.

Williams is widely recognized throughout the sports world as the consumate promotor and astute talent scout. His zany antics and endless imagination have inspired the Magic’s phenomenal success in their very first NBA season. No other general manager in professional sports has both wrestled a bear and traded Pistol Pete Maravich.

While Wiliams enjoys a widespread reputation in worldwide sporting circles, many consider him to be one of this country’s premier motivational and humorous speakers. Willams has also authored a number of motivational books offering inspiration and wit.

Before assuming the reigns of the Orlando Magic, Williams was the general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers for twelve years, including the 1983 season when they were NBA champs. Prior to that, he was general manager for the Atlanta Hawks and Chicago Bulls. He also served as business manager for the 76ers in 1968.

Though he has spent nearly two decades managing basketball teams, Williams’ first love is baseball, having decided at age seven that he wanted to become a catcher.

A baseball scholarship put Williams through Wake Forest University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1962. He then went on to receive his Master of Science degree from Indiana University in 1964.

William’s baseball career began in 1962 when he indeed realized his childhood dream and was a catcher for the Class A Miami Marlins. Unfortunately, his career as a player was shortlived and Williams quickly moved into baseball mangement, serving as President and General Manager of the Spartanburg, S.C. Phillies. Williams left baseball in 1968 to join the 76ers.

Among the books Williams has authored are Making Magic, The Gingerbread Man, The Power Within You, We Owed You One, Nothing But Winners, Rekindled, Keep The Fire Glowing, Kindling, Love Her....Like Him, Twelve Part Harmony, Just Between Us, Jock Jokes, and Go For The Magic, Several other books are currently in the works.

Williams currently resides in Winter Park, Florida. He has eighteen children: Jimmy, Bobby, Karyn, Sarah, Andrea, Michael, Thomas, Stephen, David, Peter, Brian, Sammy, Gabriella, Katerina, Richie, Daniela, Alan and Caroline. Fourteen of the children have been adopted. Four are from South Korea, four are from the Phillippines, two from Romania and four from Brasil.

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