Pat Townsend has long been a leading practitioner and theorist in the Quality and Leadership Revolutions. He helped to define and then directed what was one of the original - and remains one of the most successful - corporate quality efforts in America. His first book, Commit to Quality, details the inaugural five years of the process that Tom Peters once named "the best quality process in North America."

Pat was active in the committee work that established the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and served as an Examiner for the Baldrige for two years. Pat has been a passionate advocate of 100% employee involvement as an integral part of a Complete Quality Process since 1984 - an idea which, like his books, was ahead of its time when first presented. The world is catching up.

For over a decade he has been urging corporate America to implement Complete Quality Processes that would take full advantage of the talent already on their payrolls. In January 1996, survey data was released showing that companies with a "high use" of both employee involvement and total quality management (in short, a Complete Quality Process) had an average Return on Equity of 22.8% and an average Return on Sales of 10.3%.

Pat's second book, Quality in Action, presented 93 separate lessons in the areas of leadership, participation, and measurement. This text gave people at all rungs of the corporate ladder a way to learn about, and to communicate effectively about, their individual and mutual challenges.

With Pat's third book - Five Star Leadership, 7he Art and Strategy of Creating Leaders at Every Level - published in April '97, he is again forging a new trail for others to follow ... investigating and presenting to his audiences the richest and most ignored resource for leadership theory and practice: the military. Why draw from the shallow data base provided by a group of 50 - 100 currently successful CEOs when there is a constantly growing and well-documented data base available that reaches back 2500 years and reflects the triumphs and tragedies of hundreds of thousands of leaders?

Complimenting his study and work in the fields of quality and leadership, Pat also addresses the subject of innovation in a highly participatory workshop. Creativity need not be a random activity.

Pat's fourth book, Recognition, Gratitude and Celebration, published in June '97, focuses on the "why" of saying thank you to subordinates.

A prolific writer, Pat has published over 180 articles on a variety of topics including business, leadership, history, and humor. Pat and his co-author and partner Joan Gebhardt are frequent contributors to professional journals.

Currently, Pat is the president of Townsend & Gebhardt, Advisers on Quality. He splits his time between giving speeches, writing, and working directly with individual companies. He is a member of the Association for Quality and Participation and the American Society for Quality Control.

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