Krubski is the product of a Jesuit education and a ZEN attitude. His perspective comes from a unique combination of talents and experiences - personal, professional and academic.

An Argentine-born child of Polish expatriate parents (he lived the Evita experience) who grew up in inner-city New Jersey and now lives in up-scale suburban Connecticut, Krubski's perspectives are as global as they are rich with personal experiences and anecdotes.

By age 24, Krubski had already enjoyed two careers, one as a radio newsman and another as a TV Scenic Designer and began a third career as the founder of a full-service advertising agency.

His advertising, media and marketing background rounded out with positions as the Producer of a TV newsmagazine program, sales executive for NBC Television and VP Marketing for the Television Bureau of Advertising.

Adding breath to depth, Krubski also took on the challenge of marketing an Information Technology service long before the rest of the world heard about "the Internet", and ultimately focused his talents as a leading executive with Yankelovich Partners, the premier consumer trend research company in the US, with stops in tele-marketing, syndicated television distribution and marketing consulting along the way.

After several years with Yankelovich and working with it's clients, America's top Fortune 10, 25, 100, 500 and 1 000 type companies as a consultant, futurist and trend-watcher, Krubski moved to a position as its Consulting Futurist.

Rounding out his credentials as the managing partner of the Futures Practice for CoKnowledge, a change-focused, collaborative managment consulting firm in Connecticut where he lives with his two children and his wife Joanie, Krubski is now devoting his full time efforts as Chairman of the International Thought Leadership Council.

    Finally, a Futurist you can understand; whose vision of what comes next (A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE FUTURE) connects to everyday reality at home and in business .

    Learn the reasons and rationales behind the 'trends' that drive consumer behavior, employee behavior, client behavior, and citizen behavior - The WHY of What's happening today.
    Get 'the word' on WHY WE LEAD THE LIVES WE LEAD - and how, knowing that, you can harness unique perspectives on the consumer marketplace to drive your business' future.

    As a consultant and creativity motivator to America's top management teams, Krubski, knows that creativity CAN be taught (and learned). More importantly, it is possible to teach GROUP CREATIVE THINKING - harnessing creative process to team tasking - through THE CREATIVE TEAMTHINK TOOLKIT

    THE NEED FOR VISIONING - OR - IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING ANY ROAD WILL GET YOU THERE AND YOU'LL NEVER KNOW WHERE YOU'VE COME OR YOU'RE GONE defines a personal, vision-oriented, philosophy that explains the need for creating corporate visions for everything from strategic planning to new product development - and how to do 'the vision thing....'"

    In DOING BUSINESS GLOBALLY: THE TWO-WAY HIGHWAY the Argentine-born son of Polish war refugees, with 5 international languages to his credit, Krubski, explains how the consumer, social, information, and technology trends that drive America do (and do not) translate 'over there ....." - and what's coming back this way.

    As Consulting Futurist to Yankelovich Partners, the nation's most prestigious consumer research organization, as well as TV program producer, advertising agency principal, and communicator, Krubski, not only follows key Trends in a variety of disciplines, he has developed his own, dynamic vision of the impact of these forces in FUTURE CURRENTS; NINE DYNAMICS THAT ARE SHAPING THE FUTURE, TODAY.

    In TRANSPARENCY: THE NEXT NECESSARY GREAT LEAP OF TECHNOLOGY Krubski shares the benefits of thought leadership combined with direct Information Technology an telecommunications experience to paint a picture of how technology is being impacted by its vast availability .

    WELCOME TO THE AGE OF UTILITY-BASED MARKETING in which many of the old rules don't apply, and Design-to-Scenario, The Particling of America, and The 5-Generational Marketplace are the new order of things.

    With a long history in direct conceptual selling (television programming, research projects, and management consulting) Krubski brings a combination of sales skills, coaching experience, and motivational techniques to SELLING TO AND SERVICEING THE LAST REMAINING CUSTOMER IN AMERICA .

    A JESUIT EDUCATION NEVR HURT ANYBODY - AND OTHER THOUGHTS ON THE VALUE OF CLASSICAL EDUCATION IN DEVELOPING THOUGHTFUL LEADERSHIP connects academia and business problem-solving in a variety of applications from Strategic Planning to new product development .

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