There are three issues that an enterprise must consider in order to prosper in the current business climate: customer service, common-sense and applied ethics. The application of these will either make or break a company. The inattention to them can erode and destroy an enterprise.

Extraordinary Customer service will bring old clients and customers and attract new ones.

Common-sense dictates that each member of the enterprise understands and applies principles that govern reality and respond to what we know of human nature, and the functioning of the enterprise.

Ethics, plain and simple, is good for business. It protects the concern from internal subterfuge, fortifies integrity, as well as, the reputation of the business.

Knowledge and the ongoing pursuit of learning is what makes the difference in applying these elements to profit, growth, and viable business enhancement. Commitment to cultivating the virtues that comprise character, improve customer service, and encourage the use of common-sense will enable it to thrive, grow, and prosper in this dynamic environment.

The fact is that most individuals must be taught, or at least affirmed in what they already know and do in order to advance what works. To obtain a better outcome, one must focus on the process that leads to that outcome.

John Alston offers keynote presentations and customized training programs which present facts, skills, techniques, and a way of thinking designed to improve individual and collective performance. Such knowledge, when applied, enables an organization to strike an inner balance, and thrive in harmony with the external challenges, changes, and opportunities of the dynamic environment of the 21St century.

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