HOWARD PUTNAM's ultimate objective is: "'Bottom Line Improvement." His approach to accomplishing this is through speaking, writing, doing radio commentaries and acting as an advisor to corporate America. He also believes that improvement comes through people.

Howard is a down-to-earth and entertaining speaker. He learned to fly on an Iowa farm as a teen ager, and worked his way, over twenty years, from the bag room (loading luggage) to the board room of two major airlines. He earned a well-deserved reputation for his capacity to think systematically, create a vision, build a team, define a niche, and successfully lead and manage through crisis.

He is the former CEO of the highly successful Southwest Airlines, and later, when recruited to be the CEO of failing Braniff, was the 1st CEO to successfully restructure a major AIRLINE into ... and out of Chapter 11. Earlier he spent over 20 years with United Airlines, his final position being Group Vice President of Marketing.

He has also been an entrepreneur and has learned "Crisis Management" by living it. Harvard wrote a case study on his Braniff experiences The Ethics of Bankruptcy. It is a model for handling all stakeholders honestly and ethically in crisis .... and moving the process to a rapid and successful conclusion in only 16 months. Braniff flew again in 1984.

Harper Collins published his first book in 1991 on leadership and ethics THE WINDS OF TURBULENCE. He has an MBA in Marketing from the University of Chicago & attended Harvard's Advanced Management Program.

Howard and his wife, Krista, have been married for 40 years. Their son Mike, married with two daughters, is a commercial airline pilot in Charlotte. Daughter Sue, is in public relations in Reno, NV.

Howard and Krista live near Reno and Lake Tahoe.

Howard Putnam - Topics 1997-98

Hire Attitudes and Develop Employee/Customer Relationships

Leadership Through Turbulent Times
Dynamic Leadership Through People

Igniting Change From Within

Developing Flow State Organizations

Ethics, Culture, Value Systems:
Honor Without Honors
The Value of Values in Winning
Honesty is not the Best Policy---Its the Only Policy

How to Prepare for Its Dramatic Impact In Your Industry

The Future of the Airline & Travel Industry

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