Who is Francis Xavier Maguire and why is everybody talking about him?

  • Fred Smith, founder of Federal Express, says: "Frank Maguire not only taught Federal Express how to communicate, but also how to have a heart!"
  • THE ECONOMIST, 21-October-04: "1,200 businessmen gathered in London to hear seven American men tell them how to be better leaders. The event was a little like a Revivalist meeting, with everyone hanging on the utterances of the speakers... That resemblance grew when Frank Maguire, an ex-boss of Federal Express, made everyone stand up and hold hands, and said: 'We're going to cross the road together.'…"
  • "Like a gust of fresh air has come bursting through the door." Ted Koppel, ABC News
  • Charles Osgood, CBS News, describes Maguire as "Corporate America's wake-up call! A one-man phenomenon."
  • The late Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, was known for being blunt. His assessment? "The best motivator I've ever heard. A real winner."

Currently Frank is holding his own on an international leadership summit with Rudolph Guiliani, Jack Welch, Tom Peters, Lester Thurow, Alvin Toffler, Robert Kaplan and Michael Porter.

Francis X. Maguire is one of corporate America's most knowledgeable authorities on Corporate Culture, Productivity and Communications. As the original Senior Vice President of Industrial Relations for Federal Express, Maguire is acknowledged as creator of the corporate culture that made the company the multi-billion dollar success story of the past two decades. Frank was a key component on the management team that turned the phrase "absolutely, positively overnight" from a promise to a guarantee. Maguire's ingenuity resulted in FedEx being named "The Top Corporation of the Decade" by Fortune Magazine. FedEx was also the first service company to be awarded the prestigious Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award.

But Maguire's "firsts" and "absolutes" began long before he successfully marketed FedEx. As head of program development at ABC Radio Network, he hired Ted Koppel and Charles Osgood, giving them their first on-air broadcast jobs. While Koppel was eager, Osgood was not even sure he wanted to be in broadcasting! They both agree; Maguire knew best!

Still in his 20's, Maguire served in the Executive Office of the President in Washington, D.C. under both John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. Along with Sargent Shriver, Maguire was one of the five original task force members who created Project Headstart and Special Olympics. Frank left his mark on American Airlines international expansion as Director of Marketing and Public Relations Programs. The fast food revolution of the 1970's has Maguire's stamp on it, too, during his tenure as Vice President of Kentucky Fried Chicken during which time KFC was the fastest growing company on the New York Stock Exchange.

In addition to playing a mean jazz piano and accompanying the likes of B.B. King, Frank found time to earn a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI.

Today, Frank Maguire is recognized as one of the leading international authorities and management consultants in the world. From Beijing to Dubai, London to New York City, Los Angeles to Nashville and points in between Maguire's philosophy, communication skills, ability as a storyteller and mentor wins him fans around the globe. Frank excels at sharing his vast knowledge and experience while teaching his audiences how critical it is to connect the head as well as the heart of any enterprise! "Lose touch with the heart, with the reason you began, and you lose your vision," Maguire relates.

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