If you have ever FedEx'd a package, watched Ted Koppel on TV, flown American Airlines or eaten at a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet, you have been touched by Frank Maguire.

He's the man who as the senior vice president created the personnel, communications and employee relations programs that made Federal Express "the multi-billion dollar business success story of the past two decades," as well as the first service company to receive the prestigious Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award.

He's the man who as senior vice president worked with Col. Harland Sanders and John Y. Brown, Jr. to launch the Kentucky Fried Chicken empire and the fast food revolution of the 1970's.

He's the man who as director of marketing and public relations programs at American Airlines played a key role in launching service to Hawaii, the South Pacific and the Caribbean.

He's the man who as director of the program development at the American Broadcasting Company radio network personally hired Ted Koppel and Charles Osgood.

He served in the executive office of the President in Washington during the administration of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, and played a key role in the creation of the War on Poverty.

Today, Frank Maguire is one of the leading management communications consultants in the nation. Drawing on his experience gained in the hierarchy of some of this country's most dynamic corporations and sharing the "secrets" learned, he is a motivator who will provide the ideas, attitudes and feelings necessary to create an informed, inspired, and involved work force.

He believes that:

  • Great workplaces are defined less by wages and working conditions than by feelings, attitudes and relationships.
  • Today's manager is the coach, not the boss. The manager is the teacher, motivator, mediator and model. Communications is the process, the manager is the medium and the message. We cannot not communicate.
  • Your employees will treat your customer exactly the way you treat them.
  • The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Lecture Topics:

  • Thank You Tom Peters, the Search for Excellence is Over
  • Opportunity is NOWHERE
  • The Employee's R.O.I.
  • In the Race to Quality There is No Finish Line
  • It's Time to Wake Up!
  • The Art of Selling in a Changing World
  • More with Less and Better
  • Cultural Diversity, Let the Light Shine

What People Say about Frank Maguire:

"Corporate America's wake-up call! A one-man phenomenon."
Charles Osgood, CBS

"The best motivator I've ever heard. A real winner."
Sam Walton, Founder Walmart

"Like a gust of fresh air has come bursting through the door."
Ted Koppel, ABC News

"Frank Maguire not only taught Federal Express how to communicate, but also how to have a heart!"
Frederick Smith, Chairman and CEO, Federal Express

"As a motivator, teacher, as the cultural force behind some of America's greatest corporate success stories, Frank Maguire is simply the best there is."
Professor John Culkin, Executive Director, The Center For Understanding Media

"People love him. His heart, spirit and experience radiate wherever he goes."
Kenneth H. Blanchard, Blanchard Training and Development, Inc.

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