Emory Austin, CSP

One of only a handful of great women keynoters, Emory’s not just a speaker- she’s an event.

Emory Austin, chosen as the first woman motivational kickoff speaker for OSHA through the United States Department of Labor, is the founder and CEO of ‘Emory Austin... and company’ (EA&C), a communications resource firm. Established in 1988 to provide motivational keynote and seminar presentations promoting increased leadership abilities, the company’s international mission to upgrade leadership and relationship skills has been embodied by Emory Austin’s unique messages in the Americas and in Europe.

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Wake Forest University, Emory Austin is noted as a forerunner of maximizing personnel/minimizing expense, as well as for originating specialty services in the communications field. Throughout her brilliant career, Austin has kept her focus on the solutions necessary for success in tumultuous times. Prior to establishing EA&C, Emory founded Suite 1000, a Charlotte-based communications corporation providing prestigious and highly innovative business services for sales and marketing professionals. The company expanded dramatically in the 1980’s and was sold in 1987, but not before Austin’s unique concepts in service swept the country.

Emory Austin was chosen in 1992 as the new host of the TV talk show, Wellness, the 90’s, and YOU! soon after her signature video was commissioned by Hallmark Cards, Inc., for its Gold Crown store managers worldwide. The explosive response to this video propelled Emory Austin to the forefront of professional speaking. Her next video, An Ounce of Different, is being distributed internationally for business, industry, and governmental use. Successful Meetings magazine hails it as one of the best business videos of the decade.

In 1994, Austin was among the nine women awarded the coveted Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation by the National Speakers Association, the highest earned award for platform excellence. As such, she is recognized as one of the few great women keynoters.

She has addressed almost every industry from aviation to undertaking (including chemical, computer, manufacturing, finance, retail, telecommunications), as well as education groups, utilities, and charitable organizations.

Emory Austin has served as Chair of the Ethics Committee of the National Speakers’ Association, and Board Member of the Carolinas Speakers’ Association. She has supplied both trade articles and interviews for publications as diverse as Professional Speaker and Innovations in Oncology Today. Her speaking career was featured in Industry Week magazine, along with the speaking careers of General Colin Powell (Ret.), Margaret Thatcher, and Terry Anderson. Chocolate for a Woman’s Soul is published by Simon & Schuster (New York, NY, 1997).

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