What is the magic of Disney? Join Doug Lipp as he takes you on an entertaining and insightful journey behind the scenes to discover the secret of Disney's success. Formerly head trainer at The Walt Disney University, Doug's informative and humorous style brings audiences into the unique culture of customer service that sets Disney apart. Next, he shows how to design a system that works for your industry. Finally, he outlines a plan that will enable you to create service magic in your organization. Doug's practical information will change employees' lives and improve the company's bottom line. Doug also works with companies challenged by cultural diversity from within and without. With a shrinking globe, companies must understand the changing marketplace to remain competitive. Fluent in Japanese, Doug was instrumental in the opening of Tokyo Disneyland and currently helps businesses perform successfully abroad. He has spoken for small, mid-size and large companies, conventions, universities, non-profit groups and associations. All presentations and handouts are designed to meet the clients' needs using their own language and specific issues.

Speeches & Seminars

"The Magic of Exceptional Customer Service" Doug's Walt Disney University training experience provides fascinating stories, unique insights, and invaluable lessons. Learn how certain skills, attitudes and behavior contribute to exceptional performance build , win, and keep market share. He includes an overview of his active listening concepts and his well-known "Life as Tigger" story. "Life on the Highwire, Learning to Strike the Service Balance" According to Doug, great service is a balancing act, and learning to maintain a balance between quality/quantity, skills/attitude, art/science, information/emotion, and hardware/software. They're all important but are they balanced? This talk includes a strong focus on building strong internal relationships to improve service. "Working Across Cultures" Common sense vs. cultural sense. Learn powerful and effective communication skills to build relationships with clients and co-workers from diverse backgrounds. How to avoid common mistakes and implement powerful negotiation tips. "The Challenging Person" All your best intentions fall apart when dealing with the angry customer, irritating co-worker, or difficult boss. Doug will show you the "7 Service Killers," often the culprits behind those troublesome situations. He will also teach "RAPS" - an active listening method effective for dealing with challenging people.

Background & Professional Accomplishments

MA in International Business Communications
Disney University Trainer at Disneylands in Anaheim, Tokyo and corporate office, Burbank, CA
Graduate research in Japanese, International Christian University, Tokyo
International consultant and intercultural trainer for Fortune 500 companies
Internal Consultant for NEC Electronics, 6 years
Chairman of Pacific Rim Committee for Sacramento Area Commerce and Trade Organization
Former YMCA Camp Director and leader, Sacramento, CA, Kauai, Hawaii, Nagoya, Japan
Author of "The Success of Tokyo Disneyland", NTT Press, Tokyo, Japan
Fluent in Japanese

Author of "Danger & Opportunity-Resolving Conflict in U.S.-Based Japanese Subsidiaries", Intercultural Press, 1998

Clients(partial list)

University of California * Pebble Beach Company * Wells Fargo Bank * NEC Electronics * Herman Miller, Inc. * Remedy Temp * Q-Logic * California State University * Bell Mobility Cellular * The Galbreath Company * Macy's/Bullock's * La Salle Advisors * Prentiss Properties * Delco Electronics * Northstar at Tahoe * US Computer Services/CableData * Grafil (Mitsubishi) * Omni Health Plan * Poppy Hills Golf Course * Farmers' Rice Cooperative * Calif. Co-op. Education Assoc. * Nat'l Home Furnishings Assoc. * City of Roseville * SMUD * Toshiba America, Inc. *IBM *ADAC *Motorola *Pacific Bell *US Airforce *University Studios *Veterans Health Administration *Hewlett Packard


"Doug has a unique ability to captivate an audience with his delivery while also communicating pertinent and relevant information."
Andrea Heckenlively, La Salle Advisors "The examples and stories you shared were funny, yet carried a strong message."
Sharon Locke, Wells Fargo "The key to your success was your ability to blend an important message with an approach which is effective to an international audience. The examples you shared from your days with Disney in Japan and the U.S. made your message all the more enjoyable."
John W. Drews
Project Manager
World Wide Reengineering
IBM "I would heartily and without reservation recommend Mr. Lipp's presentation to any organization interested in giving its employees a peek at the dividends of investing in exceptional customer service."
Colonel Michael H. Cox
United States Air Force

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