"There exists within all of us a longing to leave a legacy. We need to know that our lives are important, that our being here matters"

David McNally is a best-selling author and award-winning producer. His book, Even Eagles Need a Push-Learning To Soar in a Changing World, has been translated into five different languages and is now a standard text at several universities. Pat Riley, one of the winningest coaches in NBA history says, "It is a book for the nineties, you must read it!" And Stuart Reeves, Senior Vice President of EDS adds, "If you truly want to succeed in life, Even Eagles Need a Push will help you soar. It is a rare combination ofwonderful inspiration and practical ideas." David's first film, The Power of Purpose, the story of Terry Fox and his epic marathon run across Canada, has been described as a motivational classic. David has enjoyed an international business career which has included assignments in South Africa, Europe and the South Pacific. He is now president of Trans-Form Corporation whose sole mission is providing people with the training and education to perform at their best. And the evidence suggests the mission is succeeding. A new staff development program called "Eagles", based on David's work, has been chosen by companies such as 3M, Chevron, Lockheed, and ABB Boveri to play a key role in preparing their employees for an ever more competitive and complex future. His new film, also called Even Eagles Need a Push, which reveals the five qualities of confident, empowered people, has been released in over twenty countries and is regarded as one of the most successful corporate educational films of all time. In 1996, David's second book, The Thriving Spirit - Success Strategies for the New World of Work will be released. Based on surveys sent to over six hundred organizations, The Thriving Spirit will document the characteristics and qualities that define those who will thrive rather than just survive in this rapidly changing global economy. His reputation as a person who clearly knows what motivates and inspires people is demonstrated not only by his books and films but also by the numerous invitations David receives to speak to audiences all over the world. He is regarded as a powerful and dynamic communicator. David McNally and his wife Jo have four daughters and a son. When asked, he will almost always accept your invitation to play golf.

Who is David McNally?
David is an international businessman, a best selling author, and an award winning film producer.

What Does David McNally Do?
David works with organizations to develop a self managing, creative and innovative work force. David works with people to develop the confidence and commitment necessary for achieving their professional and personal goals.

How Can He Do That?
David brings to his work the benefits of a business career that has enabled him to study the motivations and aspirations of people all over the world. David has discovered that there are significant, key elements that successful organizations and people share in common no matter their location or history. Because of his real world experience, unique insights and practical solutions to contemporary business issues, David is regarded as a leading authority on how organizations can enhance the performance and contribution of their work force.

How Does He Do That?
David's first book, Even Eagles Need A Push, has currently sold over 200,000 copies and has received the highest praise as an outstanding motivational text. His latest film is distributed throughout twenty countries and six different languages. David's personal development program, Eagles - Soaring to New Heights of Personal Achievement, has become the foundation of numerous employee empowerment programs. David also receives numerous invitations to speak at conferences and meetings throughout North America and several other countries.

How Can David McNally Help My Organization?
Today, all over the world, millions of people are being forced out of limited professional and organizational roles, narrow national and cultural identities, and out of attachments to limited definitions of who they are and what they can be. They are being pushed to grow. to mature, and to soar. Each one of us needs to change how we see and interact with the world if we are to find success in it. It is this willingness to "personally restructure", more than any other force, that will make the extraordinary personal and professional opportunities that now appear on the horizon into everyday realities. The future success of any organization dictates the need for visionary leadership, the highest quality products, and superb service. This will require building teams of confident, committed people.

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