Although his bread and butter is his live show, Gans is no stranger to film. As an actor, he has had roles in the comedy series “Roseanne” and “Married With Children,” and was a regular on the Fox Television series “Open House.” He had a recurring role on the CBS late night drama “Silk Stalkings,” and he relived his dream of being a major league baseball player when he was cast as short stop Deke Rivers in the film “Bull Durham.” He also played the role of Dean Martin in the Emmy Award-winning mini-series “Sinatra.”

Television and film have been good to Gans, but he believes his creative genius was not utilized. ‘That’s why I enjoy putting together the corporate shows,” relates Gans. “I’m a control freak, and if I’m not producing or directing, I get frustrated. I’m hoping that someone will have the foresight to see that I am capable and create a vehicle for me, much like they did for Roseanne and her show. I think people are starving for variety talent. My vision is for a comedy show where the main character is an entertainer - me - and the show will center on the club where I perform and my home life. We could have a guest star each week that could perform at the club in addition to me. The characters would be the band, the waitresses, and the people in the club and my family at home. I would like to be a writer on the show and have some creative input. That kind of show would allow me to work out of my home for about 20 weeks a year, and the remainder of the year, I could do corporate and public appearances - that would be the perfect balance for me.”

Gans has often been described as the entertainment world’s “best kept secret” and though he’s very successful in the corporate market, he is, in essence, unknown and out of touch with the entertainment decision makers in Los Angeles - a situation he vows to rectify.

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