C.W. Metcalf is a highly successful writer and performer. In the mid-1 970s. C.W. balanced his time between teaching at Florida State University. the University of Michigan and Bennington College, and performing in his own touring theater group. Ultimately he landed a job in Los Angeles. writing and acting for children’s television.

After working in L.A. for several years and failing to “capture much of Hollywood’s imagination or cash,” C.W. unknowingly changed directions during a visit to the Center for Attitudinal Healing in Tiburon, California. sent to the center to prepare a script on their revolutionary treatment of terminally-ill children, C.W. was moved by the positive outlook the children possessed.

Soon after his trip to the center. C.W., began training as a hospice volunteer. A self-proclaimed cynic afflicted with “terminal seriousness,” C.W. hoped his work with cancer patients would help change his negative outlook on life. After several career changes, and a move to Colorado, C.W. began presenting humor and health seminars to local hospice groups in the early 1980s.

After forming C.W. Metcalf & Company with his wife. Roma Felible in 1983. C.W. began presenting his Humor. Risk & Change seminars to corporations around the World. C.W. ‘s work became popular as economic conditions faltered and companies were forced to downsize or succumb to mergers and takeovers. C.W.’s work quickly found a niche within high-stress corporate environments.

In 1992, C.W. and Roma completed their first book, Lighten Up -Survival Skills for People Under Pressure. Metcalf says that Lighten Up not only includes information on the value of humor in the workplace, but also offers valuable survival skills for families, children, the terminally-ill, alcoholics, and others confronting crisis.

C.W. has appeared on the Today show, CNN, the Home show and has been featured in the pages of the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Reader’s Digest. and Industry Week. He is currently developing a television program based on his work for network or syndicated distribution.

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