The true competitor in today’s global marketplace, no longer measures success by incremental gains - the sole criterion for measuring performance is winning market share

Stanford All-American, 5 time All-Pro and premier front line competitor, Brian Holloway the 6’7”, 3201b powerhouse excelled as the team captain of the 1985 New England Patriots Super Bowl team. In 1986, Brian was elected by his peers to forge the new direction of NFL policy, becoming the youngest Vice- President of the NFL Players Association at age 23.

He retired from the NFL in 1992 after eight seasons with the Patriots and two with the Los Angeles Raiders, but look for his distinguished football accomplishments to someday be recorded in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Today, Holloway is an international motivational speaker and renowned corporate trainer. Brian’s strategies and case studies are his own. They are based on practical disciplines and proven results, not cold management theories that do not reach the people. His personal style establishes trust and builds instant rapport - the key to bringing a team together.

Entertaining while instructing, Brian uses multi-media technology along with actual NFL game footage to show his critical points on achieving new levels of performance. These powerful, high impact presentations have immediate value for every competitor who must make the impossible happen!

Brian spends the fall season as one of ABC Sports’ top analysts, joining Keith Jackson, Bob Griese, Brent Musberger and Dan Fouts.

Holloway’s accomplishments have landed him appearances on Good Morning America, the Today Show, ESPN. USA Network, NBC Sports, ABC Sports, and the 700 Club and featured coverage in USA Today, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune.

He has testified before Congress, guest lectured at Harvard University Business School and been the featured speaker at the Stanford University Centennial Celebration.

Born into an Air Force family in Omaha, Nebraska on July 25,1959, Brian grew up to face and overcome many challenges - his youth spent adjusting to life in 12 different states, even before being labeled a “slow learner”. Persistence and unstoppable spirit and a learned system of achieving desired results, propelled Brian through his early struggles and on to academic and athletic awards through his high school and college years.

He was heavily recruited by USC, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Miami as well as Dartmouth, Yale, Princeton, and Harvard. He chose Stanford University and earned varsity letters in both football and track there under head coach Bill Walsh. Brian graduated on time majoring in Economics and Communications.

Brian’s commitment to community service grew throughout his playing days, when he helped develop the first College Degree Completion Program for Professional Athletes. Beyond the game, he helped establish the Challenger Center for Space Science Education - a living memorial to the ill-fated crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger. His community activism embraces inner city youth and he actively supports Special Olympics.

Brian maintains a seat on the Stanford Athletic Board and also shares his energy with D.A.R.E., the United Way, and Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

President Bill Clinton recognized Brian Holloway in 1995 as one of America’s top young leaders.



A former All-Pro football player, Brian Holloway is more than “just another” professional athlete. He is an engaging speaker and an expert strategist. He understands what it takes to attain the best possible results and more importantly, he can communicate it! Brian analyzes the meeting planner’s goals and objectives and then meticulously prepares the proper plan of action.

Brian does more than make his audience feel good, he specializes in providing real solutions to organizations and companies facing a turbulent and ever-changing market. With Brian on your sideline you will learn the inside, front-line trade secrets of the NFL that will allow you and your organization to improve your market share.

Some of Brian’s recent talks include:

The Immediate Results of Excellence - WAIT FOR NOTHING
This powerful keynote is delivered with passion and purpose. Locate within yourself the awesome ability to overcome obstacles, break records and sustain unprecedented levels of productivity. Brian’s dynamic presence fills the room through this larger-than-life presentation. WAIT FOR NOTHING! relates the core elements of his personal credo Winning Now! - no excuses, no options.

Winning involves more than luck and training. Winning has a design. It entails a specific process. Learn how the NFL greats set their vision, establish critical momentum and prepare to win. In short, learn how the greats “get the deal done”!

DELIGHTING THE CUSTOMER-The Key to a Life Client Relationship
Today’s competitive market requires you to think beyond the single sales transaction to the treasured life client relationship. In the NFL, we developed “die-hard-fans”. Delighting our fans and building life-time product loyalty was a practiced discipline exercised by everyone in the organization. There were no limits to our customer service.

Building highly competitive teams in today’s world requires the vision and talent to create a loyal, motivated and inspired team that can face anything. Learn how to develop equal participation from all players - sideline workers to front-line leaders - amid a corporate world defined by change.

Overcoming Adversity arid Embracing Chance
Develop a high-powered plan of action to face obstacles, adversity and challenge. Make adversity your most important instructor. Using the proper techniques, adversity can become an excellent coach and a giving companion.

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