Dr. Barry Asmus is a Senior Economist at the National Center for Policy Analysis. He writes, consults and testifies on health care, education, taxes and policy issues which promote a free enterprise and limited government economy.

Asmus was named by USA TODAY as one of the five most requested speakers in the United States . He was a principle commentator on a nationally syndicated radio show called "Perspectives on The Economy" and can now be heard weekly on KMNY, a Los Angeles money and business talk show.

Fifteen years as a Professor of Economics, twice voted the outstanding university educator; and receiving the Freedoms Foundation Award at Valley Forge in Private Enterprise Education, Asmus is the author of a number of books, including: Crossroads- The Great American Experiment, nominated for an H.L. Mencken Award; and The Space Place, an economic principles book for kids.

His 1994 book, ClintonCare - Putting Government in Charge of Your Health discusses free market solutions including Medical Savings Accounts. His two new books, released in 1995 are, It's Tea Time, Again - The Original American Dream and When Riding A Dead Horse, For Heaven's Sake, Dismount, which looks at the information revolution, the demise of centralism and the business challenges of the 90's.

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