Representing the world's leading keynote speakers, Jeri Charles brings decades of insight and experience to your meeting planning needs.

Twenty-five years in the lecture bureau industry and planning special events and corporate meetings makes Jeri one of the most knowledgeable professionals you could turn to for your speaking requirements.

Whether your event calls for a top CEO from the corporate world, a financial guru, a media star or a sports or entertainment celebrity - one phone call to JCA and all your programing needs are covered.

A rapport with the best speakers in their fields and an obsession to detail and serving the sponsors has built a loyal following for Jeri Charles.

When you seek a celebrity, a well-known author, a noted business speaker, a technology guru or just need advice on who is the up-and-coming "hot" speaker that will make your event "the best ever" - contact JERI CHARLES ASSOCIATES.

For all your programing needs contact Jeri Charles Associates.

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